Our Story

Pilleauxtalk was born plain & simple out of two people falling in love… Oh… and God’s never-ending grace! Matt & Beth met. It wasn’t planned. They both decided to give love a 2nd try in their life and then immediately knew without a shadow of a doubt that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together & that God had brought them together to do amazing things! 30 days into their courtship, over a lunch date… they visited a new home decor store – ‘House’ in their hometown of Lexington, Kentucky. This store offers burlap pillows that can be custom-embroidered as personal keepsakes. Matt & Beth decided to order a pillow to forever commemorate an incredible day & evening they spent together a week after they met. Both clearly stated (aside from the birth of their kids) it was undoubtedly the ‘BEST DAY EVER’ – that they could recall.Their ‘BEST DAY EVER’ custom embroidered burlap pillow lived at Matt’s house. They speak fondly of ‘that day’ and every time that they look at their pillow, there’s a flood of awesome memories associated with that last Saturday in September… 2012… Matt & Beth often had ‘what-if’ talks about their future and dreams and plans… and suggestions of taking this pillow concept and turning it into a cool business came up repeatedly… then… in October of 2013… after peaked frustrations in each of their career advancements… and most certainly through God’s calling… they chose to invest in their 1st embroidery machine. The name Pilleauxtalk was created.

They went back & approached the very retailer where they had purchased their ‘BEST DAY EVER’ custom embroidered burlap pillow. They offered to become their supplier. The store agreed. After sourcing a higher grade, tighter weave burlap, and quick learning curve of embroidery & sewing… close to 600 embroidered burlap pillows were produced in our kitchen & living room for (1) retailer in the 6 weeks leading up to Christmas of 2013! And, so the story began…. Matt & Beth became Co-Founders of Gracility LLC – the parent company of Pilleauxtalk. They created the name Gracility – because they feel blessed beyond measure to have found one another and feel God’s never-ending grace has given them a love they thought only existed in make-believe movies & books. Also, a parent company was needed as they have other embroidered products ideas – to be released down the road in addition to custom-embroidered pillows!

Beth had often shared with Matt her vision of creating a company where messages from authors & thought leaders of inspiration, love, and humor… could be conveyed on a product and further, her desire to collaborate with organizations and give a % of proceeds to make a profound impact on lives… So, among the common ground these two share… they both have a desire to give back…. they simply needed God to bring them together and create this awesome pillow company opportunity…

As the ground work was laid for Pilleauxtalk, Matt & Beth both former entrepreneurs – Matt with the precision skills from a 16-yr cabinetry business and Beth with 22+ years in Marketing, Advertising, PR, and Sales… had an unwavering conviction to build this pillow business as a Social Enterprise. Their passion is to give back and aide as many organizations and humans as possible. And so this passion has been woven in the business model for each pillow produced.

So… who knew an innocent lunch date could turn into a life-changing pillowrific journey!!

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